December 16, 2007

Goodnight, Leader of the Band

One of my favorite music artists died this morning after a battle with cancer.

I began listening to Dan Fogelberg's music when I was in high school and by my sophomore year in college, I had all of his albums. This is how I used to spend a few hours per week, lying on my bed in daydream land.I LOVED that song. It was just the right kind of music for when you felt angsty and moody. Always a little sentimental, it was a blend of folk, rock and jazz, always pure poetry.

He wrote this song about his father.

And this one about meeting an old girlfriend:

In 1999, he made a Christmas, CD by then....and I read an article about it. He was asked in the interview if he still practiced his New Age beliefs because the album was very much about Jesus, and he said then that he had converted back to Christianity.

I am glad to know it.


Sandy/EnglishTeacher said...

I was so sad about this, too! You and I must be about the same age because I listened to Dan Fogelberg in college, too. On records!

Shash said...

I saw this on Yahoo news this morning, he was young.