August 7, 2007

To God, Who sees our needs, no matter how small

Good news! My dear hubby has ordered a computer for me...with some help from an anonymous source. To that source I just want to say my deepest thanks. I have no idea who it was (someone from church I think). But it has blessed us beyond measure! I will be so blessed to have my own set up again and not have to tie up my husband's computer. I feel very humbled that someone would see fit to bless us like that. A computer of my own is NOT a necessity, but it is a blessing and to me, an outlet like I've never had before.

So in the next few weeks, I hope to transfer a bunch more of my old archives over here to Blogger. And hopefully be more organized and ready to write instead of wondering if I'll be able to catch time on the internet.

I had been lamenting the loss of all my files, nicely edited pictures, bookmarks and writing from my stolen computer. It was so sad to have lost all that work...I thought about the things I had lost every night when I tried to sleep for the first 2 weeks after the robbery. Then one day when I was telling someone how sad it was to lose it all, Charles piped in from across the room, "You didn't lose anything." Now I was not in the mood for a spiritual lecture on how Jesus should be everything to us and blah blah...which my husband is NOT prone to do, but what else could he mean? So I weakly asked, "What do you mean?" And as nonchalantly as if asking me to pass the sugar, he said, "I backed up your whole computer last month when it was acting funky."

BLESS THAT FUNKY COMPUTER! And bless my very timely husband!

I was so shocked I just started weeping. You have to understand the torment I went through, rolling the lost items through my head night after night while sleeplessness taunted me.

Who knew!? Every now and then God does something so amazingly unexpected in the way of small blessings. It was something that seemed relatively small and insignificant in perspective with life on this planet. But it was such a huge blessing to me in a very personal way. And I have been sleeping very well ever since.

So thank you Charles! And thank You God (who sees me).


joannmski said...

That would make me really happy too! The loss of the physical thing, and the loss of all those memories. What a great DH. And what a wonderful thing that someone has enabled you guys to make that replacement. Very happy!

DebD said...

Isn't it wonderful when something so obnoxiously annoying as a "funky" computer can turn out to be a blessing. I love small blessings like that.

HowToMe said...

Ah, how sweet!! Great tribute to the God and man who love you. :-)