August 13, 2007

New things

I have a laptop again! Very grateful thanks to anonymous person who helped this to happen! I can now save all my work, have access to all my pictures and notes, and no one is across the room looking at me to see if I am done so they can use it! (although all have been very gracious about it)

Today was also my first day at work as a teaching aid to 2 second grade teachers at our neighborhood school. Things went very smoothly for me. The first day of school is stress out time for teachers I know, so it was nice to just hang back and help where I could, hopefully making their day a little easier. The children were all sweet and bright eyed.

I am quite sure I'll have some stories as the year goes on. There are a few characters in the bunch already. ;)

Maggie had a good first day of school too. Having been mostly homeschooled, you always wonder how they will react to a school situation. She seems really on top of things, although I did notice how much her handwriting and spelling need work! She looked taller today too. Growing up comes at you fast around this age....all of a sudden you notice their drastic physical changes and you're like, when did that get there! Or, wow they're tall all of a sudden!

Kinda sad when it's your littlest one looking so tall and maturing.

Emma will have to cultivate a new lunch crew this year. All of her cronies from last year have a different lunch time. That is hard on a teenager!

Bethany has only one class and seems quite detatched from high schoolishness, but she began her new job today, working in an after school program at Maggie's school. She came home and promply fell sound asleep on her bed. She woke up an hour later with a big crease from the pillow on her face wondering if there was any dinner....or perhaps some secret toast (heehee). She has the same job I had at the end of last year and I know exactly how she feels!

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blackpurl said...

Praise God for the new laptop!!!

Did you see my blog post for yesterday? I gave you an award!