August 29, 2007


We have a phone in our house that is almost useless. It is hard to hear on it and the person on the other line can't hear you either. I have talked to my family members when they were using this white phone and they sounded small and farrrrrrrr away. Or they sound as if they are talking to someone in the room where they are and not into the phone, as if talking to you. I will run down the hall to the bedroom, leaping over puppy and assorted girl items in the hall, to grab the black phone when the white one is right there next to me, just because it is so bad to hear or be heard on.

But today I was so tired, I just picked up the white phone, which was within reach and answered it. My sister was calling and somehow we got on the subject of schedules and being organized.....or actually being quite definitely in an organizational pit in where I am trying to sort and deal with things, all while more things are flying down at me, landing on my head. Upon pondering the question "Is your job stressing you out?" I had to answer's the most relaxing part of my day! It's when I get off work at 2pm that my feet hit the ground running. Once I'm home, I am in charge. At work people just tell me what to do and I'm not in charge of anything. It's a good thing for me. Being a mom, you're in charge of schedules, food, shopping and errands, handing out money, making sure things are done and packed in backpacks, etc etc.

"I need an Alice," I said.

"A wha? huh?" was my college-educated sister's reply.

"An on the Brady Bunch. She kept everything running and everyone organized. I need one."

"Oh, it sounded like you need analysis." She said through her laughter.

*blink blink* Yeah, or that.......

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