July 9, 2007

Bye bye laptop, it's been a nice ride

You literally won't believe my day.

VBS flew by and everything went fine. We stopped at Taco Bell and had lunch with Chas before heading in seperate directions....him to the office and me home. I just wanted to go put on my jammies and relax in a cool house. I had to take my two younger girls...9 and 15 to babysit for my sister, so we made a quick stop by the house to grab their swimsuits and let the puppy out to go potty.

Then I took them over to babysit and was back within 10-12 minutes. (I grabbed the pup and took her with us in the car so she wouldn't have to go back in the kennel) I pulled up to our house and clicked the garage door opener from my remote access clickermabob and saw the garage door going up. There was a blue Isuzu Rodeo across the street from our house, parked on a corner so I thought someone had brought my 17 yr old daughter back home after lunch, although I didn't recognize the car.

And that's when everything changed. A man came running out of my front door, with MY laptop and a few other items under his arm. I knew he was robbing our house, but at the same instant couldn't believe it and thought 'this must be something else!'

Not so...

He ran across in front of my car (I was just a few feet from him), which I was desperately trying to get in gear to ram into him (kind of a dramatic knee jerk reaction, but there it is, I wanted to ram him)....then I thought I would just bump him, but finally thought better of that, afterall, I didn't want to go to jail! So I got the car in reverse and tried to block his driver's door with my car.....all while he was scrambling to get in it. (I can't believe I did that now that I look back on it, but he DID have my laptop and it was getting under my skin!) I was shouting at him the whole time even though my windows were rolled up. I can't remember what I said, but I do remember sounding like that woman on the 'Jack my price up" commercials, where she's yelling and can't make clear sentences. (or maybe that is just a local commercial?) Here I am going, "NO no no no....you can't ....don't....don't get in that car....come back....eeeeeerg...what are you....don't you....don't do it!"

I realized it was very stupid to block him because he could ram my car or have a gun, so I pulled away.  He finally got in and drove off and I followed him a ways down our street and got his license plate number. Then I stopped in the middle of the street, shaking and angry...oh I was angry! And I called 911. I gave them all the info and pulled my car into the driveway and at that instant I realized my 17 yr old was supposed to be home from lunch with friends by 1:30 and it was very close to that. So I panicked and thought maybe she had been in there while this criminal was in there. The 911 operator yelled at me not to enter the house, so I had to wait, wondering about her until the police got there.

She finally pulled up with a friend just before the police were going to go through the house, guns aimed, to search to see if anyone else was in there. No one was.....the only things he'd had time to grab was my laptop, which was out on a side table in the front room and a wooden box from my husband's dresser. Charles thinks he had some old credit cards in that box and he knew a lot of our passwords and social security numbers were in my computer, so we had to look up our credit info and cancel cards. The police woman who was here told us to go to somewhere like credit report. com and they give you a full list of any credit accounts you have! That is valuable information. Then we went to the bank and changed accounts over and put passwords on them. Now we have to call Social Security Fraud Report and get a 7 year alert put on our numbers. They will call us if anyone uses those numbers to sign up for anything.

I am wiped OUT. I have a very low opinion of humanity right now. There is nothing like feeling vulnerable, even in your own home.

Anyway, gotta go....love you all...daughter wants her computer back.

This will be hard....sharing computers.

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Dawn said...

OH that just sucks! The nerve of this guy! I hate scumbags!!

You totally deserve a hug!

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