March 31, 2009

Upside downish

I've been feeling very upside down lately.

That is because I'm trying to jumble up the kidney stone fragments in my left kidney. My check up and xray recently showed that the stone I had was sufficiently crushed, but it's all still in there. They all settled down into the lower part of the kidney. But I'm trying to give them the boot out of there. So in the evenings I lie with my hips on the couch and hang off of it onto couch cushions on the floor.....and watch television all sideways. Oh and I drink tons of water because it slushes them out, which leads to lots of little trips down the hall.

It seems to be working, but just a few fragments come through each night so this may take a while. I've done searches on ways to get them to pass and this seemed the most reasonable to me. More reasonable than drinking a 2 liter bottle of Coke and a cup of asparagus puree within 2 hours, which causes a great big chemical 'reaction' supposedly. More reasonable than jumping up and down, landing hard, as to jolt the stubborn things into moving.

Our dog likes the upside down mom. She likes to explore and poke me all over my head, neck and face, which is cute at first but then just ends up being irritating.

I can't find a way to type when I'm hanging off the couch all upside downy but I am hoping my need to type thoughts out there into cyberspace will kick back in sometime in the near future. I'm sure you'll notice when it does. ;)


mmichele said...

i do love asparagus...

but with two litres of coke? i would rather hang upside down, too.

joannmski said...

Dude. I could totally drink the two liters of coke.

But really, I would love to see a picture of your upside down ness...that would be a real sight.

Alida said...

Hey upside down girlie! The Russian remedy would be to eat a whole watermelon and go to a suana...steam those bad boys out!

KQ said...

you poor thing. I hope this does the trick, and those nasty things are out of you for GOOD! *hug*