March 12, 2009

It's nice to be smiling as you drift off

In at 6am, home before noon, that is how a good lithotripsy goes.

And I had a good lithotripsy today. Every part of the morning went great except for the IV nurse. She failed....twice! I fear IV's so bad because I have deeply hidden veins that are hard to 'thread'. The anesthesiologist numbed me, why can't a nurse think of that! And then he just slipped it in, all while talking to himself....very quirky. They wheeled me into the litho room before sedating me at all. Usually when you have a 'procedure' they sedate you and THEN wheel you into the sterile room with big lights and busy people. It was a little unnerving, but ended quickly after the anesthesiologist said I'd feel pressure in the IV then I would relax. Then just...

night night.

I do remember him talking to his vials of meds before I went away. He was saying (to himself or the vials, not sure, didn't have time to ask) "Okay, no nausea *clink*, we want a nice light sleep *clink clink shuffle*." Then I smiled and knew nothing until I was being asked to cough the breathing tube thing up when it was over. I barely remember it, but know it was a breathing tube because my voice is shredded for today.

Otherwise, I am lying on my side to let gravity filter out stone debri, no need for pain meds yet and I am drinking liquids til I slush.


e-Mom said...

You sound so cheery--as usual. Keeping you in prayer my friend... :~D

KQ said...

I am glad it all went well! Are you still sloshing? Praying that your debris will pass without incident. *hugs*

Alida said...

Praying for you dear one!!

Anonymous said...

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