March 23, 2009

Day by day

I'm trying to get back to my normal pace of doing things here lately. But I find my limits are kicking my legs out from under me. Hopefully I'll find blogging fun again soon and not so much another chore to finish. I do feel good and strong again until hitting some limit that I didn't know was there. So I am thankful to have some energy and drive back in my body again.

I had a check up at the doctor's today. They took an xray and my left kidney is still full of fragments of kidney stone. I'd appreciate prayer about those moving on out. It was discouraging to see so much still left in there.

Today was our first day back at school after Spring Break and I was in bed by 7pm! I watched a television show, then turned it off to drift in and out of dozing for an hour. Now I am surrendering.

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KQ said...

Often times, surrender is the wisest thing. Keep listening to what your body tells you! Rest and restore. Blessings to you - you remain in my prayers!