April 1, 2009

Fool's Day

Apparently the BBC loves April Fool's Day. They do a hoax on their listeners each year!

Atheist's don't like it at all.

To people who work with second graders however, it's just tiring! (insert your own reason for this, it's probably on my list too)

No really good pranks to report up to this point, just silliness.

However, this morning I was in Mrs. F's classroom when a moth began darting around. At first a girl said happily, "Oh look at the butterfly!" When it was pronounced a moth students were alternately screaming, laughing and jumping up and down to persuade it to move on. Poor moth.....a sad and disillusioned existence compared to the beloved butterfly. Mrs. F (smart lady) opened the classroom door, moved out of the way and the moth dashed out as if he were a rational thinking being. It reminded me of the scene in You've Got Mail when a butterfly gets on the subway and rides until exiting to buy a new hat "which will turn out to be a mistake, as hats always are."

It is always a rational idea to get the heck away from second graders on April 1 though.

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