November 18, 2008

.......and today is Tuesday.

I'm sorry for all the silence around here. I hope this will be a better week for sitting down and writing. I hope this week will be a better one just in general for the well-being of all we know! We had numerous church members, along with a member of our former church, in the hospitals the past two weeks. The young man from our former church was walking late last Monday night and was hit by a car going 40 miles an hour. Miraculously he was supposed to be released by the hospital yesterday....but wearing a full cast on each leg and an arm cast that has to be elevated.

Another friend from church is in the dying process in the same hospital our other friend just left. He is in his 30's, came here from Ghana years ago to attend a technical school and contracted a common ailment here called Valley Fever. Usually undetected when you have it, sometimes it goes crazy and takes over a person's body. Emmanuel had it badly for 9 years and it is finally affecting his brain. His body is shutting down and soon he will be released from that toxic body to enjoy an eternal life with Jesus. Pray for his family though, this is a hard time for all.

Along with those we had several others who were hurting or had emergencies to tend to. Charles was the crazed hospital visitor there for a while, but it seems to be settling down.


Lanell said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. He is so young. We had our share of the hospital. My dad went to heaven on the 21st of October. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks and a day before he died. I know you know how hard it is. I miss him so much, but for some reason I'm not grieving. It must be because I know he is not suffering and God was merciful.

Love you,

Taylor said...

I'll miss Emmanuel and all the stories Charles has to say about him but he will be in a better place out of pain and even better with our beloved Father in heaven. He will always be remembered and he will always be in our hearts. Im praying for his family and your friend who was badly injured by the car. Love you very much and I pray that you have a better week. :)

joannmski said...

Wow! Such a time. Sorry for those who are suffering.

Hannah said...

i'm glad ben is ok, how's emanuel?

Sweet Mummy said...

my goodness, that's a lot of stuff... it is what we do though, isn't it? Praying for your strength and your sweetie's strength as you provide strength and encouragement for others.

Alida said...

so sorry to hear about those who are suffering... I am praying for you all!