October 27, 2008

Thankful for the leaders the followers are...uh, following

My 2 youngest are at the kitchen sink gargling salt water. They have sore-throat-itis pretty bad. They feel like they have a slight fever too, but my thermometer has bad-battery-itis. Anyway, the youngest HATES gargling salt water. She was refusing to do it and starting to cry until Emma, 16, started preparing hers. Then Maggie jumped up to do it too....she's a follower apparently.

Now they are at the sink gargling tunes and sounding like prop planes flying low overhead, then spewing it out violently into the sink. I am really hoping it's not something that requires going to the banker doctor.

ps....The picture is from years ago.


Tanya said...

Hope you all get well fast!

(Cold, be gone!)

Alida said...

Get well!!!

Alida said...

I just tagged you girlie! I love your blog!