October 23, 2008

Revenge...tis sweet

This year in the cafeteria, my classes eats at 11:40. My daughter's 6th grade class comes in to eat at about 11:50. My class of second graders sits at the first tables, so my daughter has to walk right by them. All year I've been telling the second graders to watch for Maggie and say hi to her. She just cringes and kind of glances at them and says hi sheepishly.

One of my Georges (we have 2) used to say hi to her every day. But now he's decided that he likes making me mock angry when he doesn't say hi. Yesterday I told him to take 600 points at point time for being so mean. (we work on a point system for discipline and taking 2 points is usually pretty drastic)

Today they really said "Hi Maggie" loudly and enthusiastically. She actually smiled and looked at them. I came over during the enthusiastic part and George just looked over at me with a big smile and said, "I didn't say it!" So I told him to take 600 more points. (then had to explain to another shocked second grader that it was just a joke...lol)

BUT, when my class was leaving I went over to talk to Maggie and her girl friends sitting at the last table by the exit. When George came by I told him to "look at those girls at that table" and they all said "Hi George!" When he turned to them they were overcome with 6th grade female emotion and started telling him how CUTE he is, oooing and ahhhhing. I've never seen his eyes get so big. He walked like a robot out the door with huge eyes and broke into a huge grin when he was out the door. tee hee

I'm glad he's a good sport.


Taylor said...

OH MY GOODNESS THAT SOUNDS SO FUNNY!! I can just picture his face. ;)

Anonymous said...

that's fantastic!

Sweet Mummy said...

That's so fun! Very cute.