October 20, 2008

My week off.....a list

Friday, Oct. 10-11 We left the church at about 9am to travel to California for a teen girls' conference called Revolve Tour. And it was pretty fun. Not only the conference itself, but spending a total of 12 or so hours on the road with our teenagers and some other cool lady friends of mine and hanging out in the hotel with them. This is what we were doing for two days:

Sunday, Oct 12- My husband started a special emphasis on prayer that will be life changing if we all do it. We have Scriptures to read and notebooks to write out prayers to God each morning (or whenever you choose). It's made a huge impact on me already and I'm being drawn in again to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Monday-Wednesday- Cleaned house, ran errands, went to Curves, had a couple of nice visits with girlfriends and I spent very little time online. Sorry, I kept promising blogs, but they would not be written. I went with Charles to visit a new couple who have been coming to the church. They live in a spot that is right behind the state fair. The view out of their front porch is the absolutely huge farris wheel, all lit up and spinning.

Thursday morning we got up early and headed up into the mountains. My sinuses felt release in the fresh air and I sneezed and blew them clear after a week or so of feeling clogged and puffy. We spent 2 days lounging around my sister and brother in law's cabin. It was cool there....we brought sweaters! It was quiet....the kind of quiet that makes your ears hiss. We rested, ate, played Christmas music, watched television, had no internet connection and explored their new cabin. I wish I had uploaded the pictures from my camera. It's so beautiful there. (soon)

Saturday, Oct 18- We drove home from the mountains to the smoggy valley and my nose got all stuffed again. ehn I thought about making the Amish Freindship Bread that was ready to bake that day, but then I talked myself out of it.

Sunday, Oct 19 saw answers to prayer in lives connected to our church and also brought in more prayer needs and deferred hope for several who we love and are feeling weary for them in their struggles.

Sunday afternoon some youth girls and boys followed us home and spent the afternoon entertaining me in the kitchen while I baked 8 loaves of Amish Friendship Bread. They were silly and kept me laughing while they read their chapter for their Sunday night class out loud to me. Sarah read in a British accent, which caused me to insert loud Monty Pythonish exclamations at certain points. Then they were singing the book to me and that was hysterical. I'm sorry Gillian for getting them wound up for you. ;)

Earllier in the week, I was thinking I used to keep friendship bread starter in a mason jar, so I transferred the goo into a jar and put the lid on. A couple of days later, I went to shake it (too lazy to stir) and it looked funny. The lid on the jar was puffed up as far as possible so I unscrewed it to let out some pressure. By the time I got done cleaning up goo from the counter, the floor, my shirt, my hair and the outside of the jar, I decided to put it in a larger plastic container with a lid.

Brenda, I just can't keep that thing alive another 10 days, so I used it all up without sharing it or reproducing it. I guess I killed it. (And I don't feel a bit guilty. heehee) I made 4 loaves of regular recipe (cinnamon), 2 loaves of pumpkin friendship bread and 2 loaves of lemon poppyseed friendship bread.

And now I'm done! Amen

So there you have it....a week of blogging in one concise list. I'm back on schedule with working and trying to go to bed early again, so maybe I'll be able to post a bit this week. (but I'm not promising)

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