October 22, 2008

Breaking the silence

As I wrote yesterday my two teenaged daughters did a Prolife Day of Silent Solidarity. For a whole day, they did not speak. They each carried a sign for people to read which explained that they were making a statement for those whose voice will never be heard. And they each had a homemade t-shirt with slogans and an explanation on it too. Emma, my 16 year old high school junior, reported that most people responded positively when she was doing her day of silent solidarity in protest of our liberal abortion laws. She had a sign she held up to her teachers as she came to class that explained that she wasn't speaking today in honor of those who will never have a voice. All of them but one responded well. One of them kind of sighed and was outwardly kind of put off by it, but she didn't say anything negative. Her band friends responded well and were even asking her more about it today. One girl told Emma that she wanted to join in the silence, but didn't. (maybe next year) It is always on October 23.

Over 4,000 children have their lives taken each day in the name of choice.

Over 4,000 women are emotionally damaged every day.

Emma did say that one girl kind of put her head down and acted like she was uncomfortable when she was talking to someone about it. So we talked about how you never know who has had an abortion or might be thinking about having one. I told her she might want to include in her discussion about why she did it that it is not to condemn or judge those who have had an abortion, but to keep an awareness out there that it is must be stopped. Abortion is as bad for the women having them as it is for the unborn child. It ruins both of their lives. The guilt, shame and feeling of loss after an abortion is never discussed unless you go to a crisis pregnancy kind of place where they will be honest with you on the effects it has on your emotional health.

I'm really proud of them for doing this. I have to say that I did not have a thing to do with this protest. They did this on their own and I don't even know where they got to information to do this. They just do this on October 23rd, wearing their t-shirts and holding their cards or signs and I'm like, 'oh goody, you're not gonna talk today!' I have my own selfish reasons for appreciating this day too. ;)

Well Bethany is at work until 10pm I think, so I will have to post her thoughts tomorrow. I will add on to this post with hers.

ps: I talked with Bethany today and she said no one gave her a hard time or applauded her silence. She didn't really think people took notice or ummm, cared. So goes community college. Not the most proactive crowd apparently. Still she took a stand and did her part. It is not an in your face kind of protest....just a quite statement in a world that seems not to have time to care either. When an 18 year old will do that and make it a priority I think there is a lot of hope left for her generation.


Sweet Mummy said...

That's a cool thing, Crickl. I'm proud of them for doing that. Every statement makes a difference, and they have definitely made one. That's awesome!

Tanya said...

I am impressed by their willingness to do this. Father, bless them for their faith!