August 22, 2008

Introducing Lilly of the Valley

Here is a prayer need:

A young woman from our church is taking this first semester of her last year of college off to spend 5 months in Africa! I cannot say where or mention her name. It is a Muslim country. Her code name for now in emails is Lilly of the Valley....very fitting! She will be living in small villages in huts or sometimes a tent and getting to know the local people, befriending them and leading into conversations about Jesus. She and her partner will be telling Bible stories in the villages every day.

The people there are apparently very open to listening and she has already made one friend in a woman there who comes to find LIlly to talk with her more about Jesus and the Bible. Lilly is very excited about this semester and all that God is going to do. She obviously is being filled up with a love for these people. You can tell in every word of her email.

Her prayer needs are simply for the people's hearts to be open and for understanding between the languages. She is having a little bit of language training, but not enough to fully communicate. The missionaries there will be helping do some translating.

Also pray that all the missionaries on this semester team will be healthy and strong to do the task they need to do.

I will update when I get an update. Thanks!


Cheryl said...

Thanks Christie!!!!

Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

What a neat story! We'll be praying for Lilly, and can't wait to hear how this trip goes for her.

e-Mom said...

God bless Lilly of the Valley! I admire all missionaries, and their dedication and serice to the Lord. :~D