August 21, 2008

Thoughts I've been thinking...

~ If the Olympic decision makers have all the women's volleyball teams wearing skimpy bikinis while they leap, fall, spike and kneel, .........WHY do the men's teams get to wear comfy baggy tank tops and long shorts? (just asking) It seems....sexist at LEAST.

~ If I had fresh apples, I would make an apple crisp. I don't, so I'll bake some apple turnovers from a box.

~ My head is going to fall off if I watch Olympics for very many more evenings.

~ And why.....are some people so sad when they win a silver or bronze medal???????

~ This week flew by! This is a good thing when working with brand new second graders who are learning basic things like sitting still and actually looking at the teacher while she speaks.

~ Hannah called today and wanted one of my recipes to make for friends tonight. We also invented a marinade for her chicken over the made me feel happy. =)

~ I really need to paint my red hutch and the wall behind it.

~ Maggie's friends at lunch have gone from staring blankly at me when I walk by saying hi to them, to laughing (at me)? I'm suspicious.

~ My goals for the weekend are: to do some housecleaning, start the painting, trim the doggie so that she looks more like this,

Rather than this:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a pretty good week. I was going to ask you when you wanted to start the painting but then I read further down and you said you were going to start this weekend. Should I check back with you. HAHA Let me see what my weekend holds and maybe I could come help you some. Have a great day tomorrow!!! Cheryl

Alida said...

Can't wait to see photos of the clipped doggie and the painted wall!!

Hannah said...

Everyone loved the food, especially the dressing, and the chicken turned out great! We had fun, we played telephone pictionary.... hilarious...