August 19, 2008

You never know what a day will bring

The small town of Williams, where we used to live, is very close to the Grand Canyon. So when we heard about the flooding and evacuation of Supai Canyon, we wondered if anyone we knew was down there when it happened. I just saw the report tonight that every person who was reported missing after the dam break and flooding was located and safe. Amazing! This is a very narrow canyon in places and I could just imagine the panic and helpless feeling of being stranded there.

It turns out an old friend of ours was in that canyon when it happened. Joel Masson and a group of friends (they didn't give the friends' names, so I don't know if they were other locals) were camping in Supai Canyon as the dam broke and the river started flooding. An interview with Joel and his amazing pictures from that day are here in the Arizona Daily Sun's online news story.

I'm so glad no one was hurt! When this happened several years ago, a couple and their two year old were swept away and died.


Alida said...

Praise God that everyone was saved!!

Lanell said...

God was wonderful to your friend. Christi, I have lost your email address. Looking through some pictures last night I found the ones of you and the girls with momma and daddy when they were in Williams. Daddy has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and it is not a very good prognosis. The doctors say chemo may give him a year, but I believe God is going to take him much sooner. Please keep him and us in your prayers. I quit work to be with Kristen her senior year, but God knew I was going to be needed to help with daddy since momma doesn't drive and the are basically having to be taken care of by me and my sister. I am going to do everything in my power to take care of them, but please pray for me as it's very hard to be in 2 places I am needed. I love you and take care of you and yours.