June 28, 2008

Updates at home and in Africa

My teenagers are home from their kids' camp weeks. They dragged in about midnight last night.  They hugged me, dumped their bags in the living room and disappeared deep into their own rooms. Emma went to bed and Beth went to check all of her internet haunts. Soon all lights were out and all was silent until 8:30am this morning when I put in a Gilmore Girls dvd (I borrowed the first few seasons from my niece to get me through the evening hours for the next week). It's like sprinkling sugar beside an ant hill. It's like setting out honey beside a bear's den. It's like putting on Gilmore Girls 6 feet from my girls' bedrooms and turning up the volume. (heehee) Now Emma (Rory to us) is snuggled beside me in my bed and  we have tears in our eyes because Max just broke up with Loralai.  *sigh*

Let the laundry begin.

I talked to Hannah yesterday. She had a hard day at work  with a very difficult person. She was hankering around about coming down to Phoenix but she is tired, so she may stay home. BUT I did play the Gilmore Girls card and so, y'know, she may just show up too.  It's hard to say. (and no pressure Han....totally up to you)

Okay, now the homefront update is done, time for the.....


The electricity wiring is worked out and we've been able to get emails and calls from the men.

The team is preaching at two different churches this weekend and having a baptismal celebration at the river. It should be a busy weekend for them, so they will appreciate your prayers for the openness of the people and effectiveness of the teaching. Charles has several updates on his blog, Veritas. Monday will be a day off for them. It will be fun to hear what they do. On their last day off they got to go hunting in Africa. Then Tuesday afternoon they will board a small plane and fly out of Mozambique, beginning their 3 day journey back home. Keep praying. This is almost wrapped up, although continued prayer for these pastors in Mozambique who were at the conferences, the permanent missionaries, our friends, the Dinas work there, and the people whose lives were touched will still be greatly needed.

Thank you!

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