June 20, 2008

Back now...

I'm home now. You just can't believe how content I am to be home.

My trip to the mountains was good and relaxing and I visited with my 2 sisters, my mom and my little nephew who is 2. But it was SO HOT. We were basically in a camping situation and it was in the high 90's every day with little flying beetles who landed on you because they are klutzy and just fly into things, then stay, walking slowly up and down your arm, or in your hair or on your shirt...ugh. I was so thankful my sister's trailer had a/c. We'd go in there every afternoon and watch movies. LOL And we really didn't help much on the cabin because of the heat. I honestly did think we would help and we did try one evening by shoveling up granite gravel into the wheelbarrow to transfer it, but we didn't get it done. The nights were very cool though and the mornings until noon. AND it made me so grateful that their new cabin being built will have air conditioning for such weeks as this.

Maisy is so glad to be home too. I had to keep her on the leash all week except when we were in the cabin or trailer! She's very curious and wants to investigate things and since there were rattlesnakes and lots of weird bugs around....leash. She chewed through the first leash and then almost through the second. She and little Gabriel were fast friends and played together constantly. He is only two, but was always gentle and sweet to the little dog.

News from Charles, who is on a mission trip in Mozambique Africa is on his blog. Check it often for updates: Veritas

My 2 teens are home....well one of them is on her way still (she had to stay and help clean the camp). So I'm getting off here to go visit with them.