June 14, 2008

To Africa

Charles is off tomorrow on a world adventure.

He and four other men are flying out in the late afternoon, first to London for a layover (which happens to be Charles' birthday). They are going to try to do a few hours of sightseeing while they wait on the six hour layover. Then they head around the earth, into the Southern Hemisphere, to Africa. Mozambique to be exact. They will meet up with our friend John, who is a full time missionary there, and help him run a pastor's conference. All the pastors attending are native to Mozambique. The 'problem' for missionaries in some African countries these days is that there are so many new Christians that they have to hurry and train pastors for all the villages and towns. So they have these conferences to train these pastors better.

The men will be gone for almost 3 weeks. I think the conference is first and then they will travel to different villages to meet with other pastors and see the churches there. One of the men in the group is going just to film it all and make some videos for the missionary, for promotion of missions and for our church of course. I hope to be able to get him to upload some videos to Youtube so I can share them here too!

Please pray for them as they are going.

1. For God's will to be done in the men who are going and also in the conference and travels. Pray for the right words to train and minister to these young pastors.

2. Their health and safety.

3. For the men to really bless the missionary family there.

4. For the families these men leave behind here in Arizona....safety, to feel secure, and to trust God with their menfolk.


Lynn said...

I know you don't know me, but I have been lurking a bit lately and I wanted to say hi. I did pray for the men going, and will be thinking of them in their journey...what a great way for them to celebrate Father's Day...by giving to others! I am so amazed by the loving people who do great works that I would be terrified to do, but I with God's help, we really can do anything!
I also wanted to say that the flower on your header is stunning...you really have a nice eye (assuming that's your work!) Take care,

crickl's nest said...

Hi Lynn! I"m very glad to have you comment! It's like Christmas for me when I get comments. ;)

Thank you for your prayers. I know God will be working mightily, especially in these men going to do the ministering. I know they will get as much or more out of it than the African people. I sure appreciate it!!

About my blog design, it is not my own work on the header there at the top. It is from finalsense.com But the flowers in the sidebar are some photos that I took that went along with the design. I love it too. I searched forever to find one that I loved. If you have a blog, I would love to come visit. Just leave the address in a comment or email me at: crickandchas@yahoo.com


Alida said...

I am praying too!!