June 14, 2008

Summer....a time to gather and a time to scatter

Well, I think we are all ready to take off for various destinations tomorrow. And it's a great time to get away (from Phoenix). It's supposed to be 110ยบ tomorrow. ~~~~~ <----those are heat waves.

Maggie is going to Kids' Camp, as are the two teens (as counselors). They got home around noon today from their mission trip to New Mexico. They build and repaired roofs and did other home repairs in Gallup, NM and up on the Navajo Reservation too. They are sore though! They each showed me a collection of bruises, but other teens had worse. One teen from Kansas got a lacerated liver from a fall, and a youth leader fell through a roof and cracked a rib. I'm glad they are home and safe. And I am enjoying their little snippets of stories from the trip. I hope they are writing in their journals to remember all they've experienced this summer!

Charles is taking a trip too, but that is for the next post. We gathered tonight to celebrate Father's Day and his birthday. He'll be on his trip during it. Hannah was forced (by us) to stay home though. She is worn out from work this week.

While they are all gone, I am taking the opportunity to go to my sister's cabin in the mountains for a visit. I intend to learn how to better operate our new camera and share some pictures when I'm back.

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