June 3, 2008

New camera

We got a new camera! I'm so intimidated that I am not really enjoying it yet. I'm wading in slowly and practicing. It can do all manual or all automatic and it feels like my old SLR camera in my hands!

Here is a little slide show of my practice shots from yesterday.


mmichele said...

LOVE the tongue. you should was that dog in koolaid sometime.

Robin said...

Yaaaeee for you! You got the same thing I got and your pictures are beautiful (watching the slideshow now :) ).

But...MINE'S AT THE SHOP RIGHT NOW! And I'm sooooo sad! Hopefully it'll come back better than before...or...they'll give me a new one :).

e-Mom said...

Hey neat! Your captions are the best... lol, "ponytail in motion!"

And that shot of your dog's tongue is amazing. Macro shots too... I'm uber impressed.


Alida said...

I love your photos!!!

DebD said...

Hey! Its been far too long and thanks for stopping by to say "hi" at my blog.

I love the photos - especially the doggy lick, that was precious. Enjoy your new toy.