April 10, 2008


I've been a little concerned about a little boy in one of the classes I work in at school. He loves to draw, but his notebooks and journal were filled (FILLED) with drawings of vampires and demon-types of creatures, all with red and yellow eyes. I figured he played a lot of video games or watched weird cartoons. (remember this is a second grader) Then one day I was looking in his journal to find out if he had done his entry and I happened upon a list:

1. Go k*ll yourself
2. Go k*ss god
3. (can't remember what this was because I was in shock)

Yikes Mike! I told the teacher and I have no idea if she ever mentioned it to the mother, but we did tell him those were not appropriate and he was not allowed to draw or write things like that at school. I also prayed for him....and I think the teacher probably did too.

Fast forward two months. Suddenly he has drawings of the Bible with a cross on the front on his notebook. That was curious. I looked closely at it to make sure it didn't have a fire under it or a dagger sticking into it. It did not. It was just a sweet picture. Today in the cafeteria, he called me over. He asked me, "Do you know what this means?" He pointed to himself, then crossed his arms across his chest and then pointed to the ceiling. As I said this, all of the kids around him said it with me, "I love God!" He smiled with a huge grin.

I have to say it was the highlight of my year there.

I'm so glad he told me!

*The letter i deleted so no one finds me on a weird search.

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