April 10, 2008

Haiku for you

It's time for
Mid-month Every Month at PENSIEVE
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The challenge this month is to write a Haiku. Here is my effort.

Dark sky rains down white
Blanket of delicate flakes
Stills the earth....and me

Chariot of Change
Blow wind, do your work
Take the ice and chill with you
Usher in the Spring

Spring's End
Children skip home, free
Summer has released them...Whee!
Now mom's free days end


Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...


Your poems build on each other--was that intentional? The last line of "Snow" is my favorite out of the bunch. Those thoughts still me, too!

I also like how wind is personified as an agent of change--it's got a job to do, by golly.

And your last one? Yeah...as a mom I know EXACTLY what you mean!

GREAT job, my poet princess friend! Glad you decided to post a few :).

Lana G! said...

These are great!

I love the peacefulness when it is snowing!

lintofpocket said...


Pamela said...

today it snowed...cherry blossoms.