April 1, 2008

An internal crisis indeed

Working at an elementary school each day has given me a new, close up look at how our society is changing. It actually gives me the willies to think of the up and coming generation running our country in a few years. I know God will get a hold of people in this generation, but things like this scare the crud out of me.

We had to fill out a survey recently at work. Two of the questions were:

1. Do you feel your school is prepared for an external crisis? I imagine this means someone from off campus coming on to campus and making a ruckus. This almost happened once this year. A man the police were chasing through our neighborhood had jumped out of his crashed car and was just about to top the chain link fence (actually right by my 10 year old's classroom) when the policeman snagged him right off the fence. We were in lock down wondering what was going on for less than a half hour.

2. Do you feel your school is prepared in case of an internal crisis.

The only thought that will run through my mind now is 3rd graders plotting to torture and kill a teacher.


Tara said...

ok... that is terrifying. Makes me even MORE worried about my kiddos! AND their teachers.

joannmski said...

What else can we do but pray? Such a sad world. I do remember my own teachers being a little scared of the gangs in our public schools when I was a student too. The difference is, now violence is not necessarily only in the bad neighborhoods.