April 22, 2008


I got two letters in the mail today on my way to pick up Emma from school. They have been waiting to hear if they were chosen as missionaries for a local missions program for the summer. So when I picked up Emma, I handed her the envelope *the envelope, PLEASE.....drumroll* She is such a wimp. She didn't want to open it, saying she didn't think she got chosen. But after I forced her to do it, she started bouncing in her seat and saying, "I got it! I got it! I'm in!" Bethany got in too, but she did this last summer, so she was a shoe in.

Congrats to them!

I just wish that it didn't mean I will only have one child all summer. We'll miss them!

In other news, Hannah is doing very well with her new job, supervising visits with separated parents and children. She has gotten to like it after the initial shell-shock wore off. It is a very stressful job. She has to drive long distances with total strangers, keeping an eye on them at all times, she has to confront them and talk to them about things if they take advantage of the situation or are being sneaky, and she's has to take them wherever they want to go and walk around with them as they visit with their child in public places.

This is proving to be one of the hardest things about the job. The towns where she is working are small towns and she runs into people she knows or has known all the time, yet cannot tell them what she is doing. She says hi or a few words and then has to excuse herself and tell them she is working. That is a strange situation to be in. It is also *dreadfully* part of the job to not eat with the clients or leave their sides at any time. So that makes it hard on long visits......if you think about it. One of her visits is 5-6 hours without leaving their sides......for any reason....I think you know what I mean. That would disqualify me right away!

We are so proud of our girls....I just had to brag a bit.


Alida said...

I am so excited for your girls... you must be so proud of each one!

joannmski said...

Congrats!! What great girls.