April 4, 2008

Movie Review: Nim's Island

After a dry spell with very few desirable movies to choose from in theaters, I was excited to take Maggie, 10 and Charles, 48 (heehee) to see it. I had seen one commercial preview and heard only a couple of comments about it, but I knew we would like it.

We were not disappointed! Nim's Island is delightful....it is funny, sweet, innocent and a tear jerker in a few places. I think I had to pat Maggie three times.....so it's a three patter movie. But it is mostly full of laugh out loud moments. Some of the main characters are animals. The computer generated lizard will have you considering one as a pet. It's adorable! (just be reasonable...please remember it's just a CG lizard) And if, after that warning, you still want to get a lizard buddy, see my friend Michelle and her son Micah. They are raising some.

I won't do any spoiling. Just watch the preview. Then I suggest you go see it.


Michele said...

we have one of those lizards! he doesn't have quite as much personality as this one does, but they do make good pets!

Ash Fork Painter said...

Thanks for the preview, it makes me want to see it!