October 28, 2007

Things that go bump...or for a walk...in the night

Horrible night last night. Our 17 yr old came home around 10:30pm with a gaggle of youth after a softball game. They were going to watch a movie, she said. So I closed our door and fell sound asleep, nowing they were all home and safe. At about 1:30am I woke up to a bright light shining under my door, so I got up to tell the teens to go to sleep. Only....one of them wasn't there! Her friend, who was sleeping over was there and when I asked her where Bethany was, she said, "Oh she and T went for a walk."

Adreneline went squirting through my body....remember I had already been in a deep sleep.

A....WALK!? At 1:30 A. M.???? In PHOENIX? So I called Bethany's cell phone...it rang in her room...drat. I called T's cell phone...no answer. I went to put on my shoes so I could drive around the block and drag them home, but as I looked out the window, there they were across the street. I stepped out onto the porch and called them in. They had been talking seriously, so I didn't fuss at them then, I just told them they had scared me half to death! So they went to bed. And I went to spend another sleepless hour trying to calm down from the adreneline rush and fall asleep. It made it very VERY hard to keep my eyes open in church today.

This morning when I saw T at church, I made her promise.... no more midnight walks. Bethany I have not even seen yet today except from afar at church.

I also found out they had a guardian 'angel' watching them. A boy who was here watching the movie went to leave and saw the girls take off walking, so he stayed in his car and watched them, opening the door when cars passed by so they'd know someone was there, watching. He left after the girls came back in front of our house. I gave him a hug and thanked him this morning when I found out.

I do hope that life returns to almost simple when they are all past the teens. But I have 10 years til then.

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blackpurl said...

how frightening!! I am glad that nothing happened!