October 6, 2007

Movie Review: Miss Potter

My daughter Beth, brought home some movies last night and now I have a new one to add to my favorite movies list! Miss Potter is a high quality, beautiful movie with Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. She plays the quirky and loveable Beatrix Potter, struggling to get her children's books published and finding love for the first time at age 32.

You will love it. Rent it. Watch it.

Here's a preview:


blackpurl said...

I will look for it at our video store!

e-Mom said...

This looks like a neat film Christie. It's a little unfortunate that another "Potter" has such a huge following, and may overshadow the buzz on this one. But then again, maybe that will translate into good "piggyback" publicity. :~)

Solid Rock Ranch said...

Thanks for the tip. Always looking for "good" movies. I ordered it via the library & there are 33 holds ahead of me, but that's ok, my time will come. We just saw Flicka that you had recommended to me in March! Any more that you suggest?
Sally D

Carol said...

Adding this one to my NetFlix queue now!