October 27, 2007

As we go along our way.....

I didn't get to sleep in this morning. And after waking up to Bethany whispering in my ear that she was home at 1am, then trying to set the house alarm, only to hear it go off a few minutes later when I was in my bed again, I really wanted to sleep in! It's hard to go back to sleep after you set your home alarm off and have to dash in there to disarm it and then wonder why it went off in the first place! That all started out as one sentence, but I broke it up for you.

Sleeping in is good for the head, but getting up on a Saturday morning to go for a prayer walk is good for the soul. Our church is having the annual Rock the Block party on Wednesday night, the 31st, so we walked around the different neighborhoods in our area, putting doorhangers up about the party and praying silently as we passed each house. (Just rechecking, that is 2 sentences, which is good for me...I could give apostle Paul a close run for being the winner of run on sentence contest.) Ugh, editing takes the fun out of typing.

We walked and prayed and hung hangers for over an hour. We prayed as we walked toward houses. I would notice children's toys and pray for young families, see five cars parked around a home and pray for teens and older, grown children, all kinds of families. We passed a very elderly man, hunched over, thin and frail looking, cleaning out a flower bed! And we blessed him on our way, as we walked. I prayed as we would pass homes that seemed to be oppressive, either by outward signs or by just maybe a nudge from the Spirit, but I definitley prayed that God would weed this neighborhood of anyone who would cause harm or be an influence contrary to God.

And then I couldn't stop it. I guess it gets into your head and heart when you pray like that. So people passing by in cars on my way to pick up Maggie from a slumber party got blessed, people walking around at Sam's club got prayed for and I just in general noticed people a lot more.

I hope the trend continues within me....to notice...to bless and pray and 'weed'. It gives me chills to think of what could happen if we all pitched in and noticed....and lifted up those around us to the Father.

I recommend that you try it. ;)

ps, if you went on the prayer walk today (and read this of course....yes, I see you Cheryl, please share!) and have some snippets to share, leave it in the comments or let me know somehow!

pps: A friend sent me an email today about a new movie that is coming out in December. Please read this Snopes.com article about The Golden Compass. And make up your own informed mind on whether you'll take your family to support it. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the article about the author.

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