October 29, 2007

Decisions decisions

Maggie is sick. She woke up with a sore, slightly swollen throat....so I sent her to school. Eh...might not have been the best idea. Today she came home with a note from the school that someone went home with strep throat today....someone who was in her vacinity because they said she has been exposed. So I'm keeping her home tomorrow and we'll probably have a trip to the doctor's office and wait for EVER in the waiting room. (I think they call us patients patience because of all the waiting we have to do....waiting in the waiting room, waiting in the cold exam room in the little paper thingie, waiting for the dr to come back after he leaves the room for a 'minute', waiting at the pharmacy.)

And Charles was almost gone tomorrow. I wonder if that is an acceptable sentence....but it's true. He got an email from the AZ disaster relief team the other day saying they were going on a relief mission to Ramona, CA to feed people displaced by the fires. He decided to pass this one up. Then today he got another email. They urgently need 10 more people to go with them TOMORROW morning to fulfill their team needs. So it sent him wondering, pacing, praying and discussing for about an hour. Then he decided not to go. He would have loved to help. He is a member of the team and is trained for it. But our church is having the biggest outreach event of the year on Wednesday night...our Rock the Block party. We feel like it is the right decision, but boy, that can throw you into stress mode for a while.

So quickly things can turn into a whirlwind of activity. Kinda makes you want to go hide under a rock....or something.

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Michele said...

i hate wondering if they have strep or not. my kids never have normal symptoms, either. instead, they are a bit achy, then they throw up. their tonsils are usually not swollen. v. strange.

anyway, i hate that wondering thing...