October 26, 2007

A fall day

Today I came home to bright white kitchen cabinets! A friend at church had them done for us for pastor appreciation month. I will soon have before and after pictures. For now the cabinet doors are not back on, but I got everything put back into the cupboards. It's a good feeling to have things in their place. My kitchen unloaded into the rest of the house was just strange.....and very unsettling. New laminate counters will follow soon....so stay tuned!

It is getting fallish in Phoenix. (since it is almost November.....we are fashionably late each year) There is a crisp feeling to the air and the mornings have been cool enough for a sweater. (although by about 10am, it is shed PDQ) There are pumpkins and scary things in neighborhood yards and a faint smell of woodsmoke was in the air tonight that made my part beaver type husband almost jump for joy. We have no woodstover here (of course, gee whiz, that would be crazy) But we do have an iron 'chiminea' out back that he loves to burn things in.

My puppy is very frisky in this weather. (it's either fall or paint fumes) She runs so fast it makes us laugh and squeal. She takes off at the least bit of encouragement. Maggie was waving pom poms at her in the backyard today and got Maisy running so fast around the yard that I had to make her stop and let the rediculous dog rest!

I've been trying to find my good recipe for pumpkin bread. I think I've found it, but I'll have to bake some to know for sure. There is a barrel of gingersnaps from Sam's Club in my pantry. And I bought half a peck of Granny Smith apples (instead of pickled peppers) to bake a pie sometime soon! And I found this recipe for Caramel Corn online today. What a horrible time of year to need to lose a few pounds that came back with us from Oklahoma! Drat! lol

We went to the high school football game tonight. Well....we went to half time. And that is enough of teenager in the city time for us! Emma was soooooooo cute in her uniform, playing in the marching band tonight. Seeing her out there, among all the tall boys on the drumline, she reminded me of when she was about 5 years old and so serious all the time. She was the funniest little child....always very serious, but she said THE funniest things....and then it hurt her feelings to be laughed at. OH the irony! Tonight she seemed to me about 5 years old again, so incredibly cute and dressed up, yet such a serious, concentrating face. She was the only snare drummer who was able to come to tonight's game, but she did a great job and held her own out there with the quads and the basses.

And that's all for tonight from down here in the warm, dry Valley of the Sun, where the kitchen paint is drying, the dogs are frisky, the kids are cute as can be and the breeze is feeling the slightest bit refreshing in a desert fall kind of way.


joannmski said...

It sounds so pleasant. It sounds like Garrison Keillor Lake Wobegon.

Michele said...

that's what i was thinking.

for one day only, our local air carrier was offering two for one tickets to phoenix!

i was tempted...