October 19, 2007

Oklahoma, O. K.

We are home from our trip to Oklahoma. It's still there. =)

It was a good visit. Charles' mom is doing well, it was encouraging to see her. AND the two little nieces are now two years old! They are the cutest things, talking and checking us out at all times. I will have to tell their story sometime, they were both adopted at birth six weeks apart! Charles' sister Jan and husband Jeff are having a ball as parents. It reminded me how hard it is to be the parent of toddlers! Exhausting and absolutely fulfilling.

We saw old friends, who have been my husband's 'old friends' for as long as I've known him, so they are starting to feel like my old friends too. We ate out every day. My kids said at lunch today, "Did you start to feel like they were just trying to stuff us like little piggies? We never got hungry, we were eating again before we knew it!" The local Braum's was heavily patronized this past week. We did some work on my MIL's house. Charles and his brother and brother in law replace two huge, heavy glass panes in her back sun room and I made beef stew and chicken and noodles to put in her freezer for future meals. My children did some house cleaning for her, listened to stories of how she got to go to college and got married, then they spent her money at the mall.

One night we went out on the porch and watched a cold front come across the sky. The squall line crept closer, the lightning was far off and then closer and closer. Then we heard the wind a couple of blocks away and listened to it come through the trees, finally making it's way down the street and hit us with a wind that was 10 degrees cooler. There is nothing like that. I shivered and went in while the rain went from spitting from the sky to pouring and pounding the last of summer's flowers.

We slept a lot, ate a lot, played with babies a lot, visited a lot and did a little work. So why am I so tired!?

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e-Mom said...

Oh, I love lightening storms! (But I've never been to Oklahoma). Hope you're getting lots of rest now. Hugs, e-Mom