July 7, 2007

They're heeeeeere...


They drove all night and got home at 7:30am from youth camp! I was still asleep (having a vivid dream about rearranging our bedroom furniture...including moving the built in closet off the wall where it is...lol) and they all came and put their dirty selves on me. So I got up and made them pancakes. Then the girls and I watched Bridge to Terabithia and we all had tears streaming down our faces! Man, that's a good movie! And they were both coming off of a sleepless night riding in a van to add to the emotion of the movie. 

I gave the lil pup a bath! She smells like Johnson's lavendar baby shampoo now! Some of her latest antics:

*Climbing the furniture. She can jump her little 5 pound self up on our high couches, then climbs up the back of them to explore. It is entertaining because the couch back cushions are so cushy that sometimes one leg falls through and she slips, or her whole fuzzy self almost disappears sometimes due to gaps between pillows. 

*Chasing things. This dog is so jumpy. She runs away at first and then usually attacks it. At night our porch light casts our shadows long and big across the lawn and back block fence. I have to stand perfectly still or she will see the shadow move and go zipping into the house again! Then I put her back out there and she attacks the shadows....especially if I make them move. hehee She likes it when I make my hand a shadow spider and it 'gets' her. The light also makes little flying bugs more noticeable and she pounces around trying to catch them. Pouncing is an adorable trait in puppies!

*She thinks there is a fuzzy white dog in our back room. At night, she sees her own reflection in the sliding glass door and it startles her. She jumps back *backward pounce* and YAPS at it with a sharp, high pitched bark. 

*She is sneaky. When she wants something, she will wait until you aren't looking and try to get it. Tonight I had to take away a ball of purple chalk...it is the shape of an egg...and I put it on the piano. Our love seat backs up to the piano, so Maisy did the back of the couch walking, sniffing everything on the piano until she found the chalk. And just before she grabbed it, I grabbed her. I put her on the floor, where she gazed at the wonderful purple chalk. She wanted it! She was frustrated because I was watching her instead of the tv. So she came back onto the couch and laid her head on the back of the couch near the chalk egg. She was staring at me and I was laughing so hard. She saw her opportunity and pounced up there licketty split to grab the egg, but alas, I swiped her up again and put her on the floor. Don't you love it when a dog just looks at you hopelessly and lets out a big sigh?

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