July 16, 2007

Starting over

Well my old server was getting too many glitches and troubles, so here I am at Blogger.

Recent updates:

*We're getting a home security system in place this week.
*It's rainging. =) In the desert it is a rare and glorious thing.
*Puppy training is going well. Last night she cried and barked after I put her in her kennel (cage) so I took a chance and put her outside again. She pooped right away. I put her back in the kennel and went to bed. Not another peep out of her.
*Tonight she pulled the same thing. yapyapyap, outside, number one and spent 10 minutes musing around the yard, back in kennel. She yapped again. Oh no, not twice in one night. She finally stopped.
*I have spent 4 days looking at blog templates. I finally found ONE I liked...only one. oiywiththepoodlesaleady.
*I have only 3 more days to pack for a camping trip.
*VBS was so good this year, but I'm so glad it's over! One of the kids from my class brought her family on Sunday.
*Bethany's mission team is doing TWO Vacation Bible Schools this week....one in the morning and one at night. I hope their reward someday is grand!
*Maggie has grown 2 inches this summer!
*I feel a little out of sorts and jumpy this past week. (after catching a burglar in my house last Monday afternoon) We have a new flag on a pole attached to the house just outside the front porch. If the wind catches it as I walk by sometimes, I have sudden terrors that someone is running up to the house wearing a red and white striped shirt. It makes adreneline squirt out all in my tummy area. It is not a good feeling and makes me shaky. I am reminded that I laugh at my puppy for being jumpy when she sees her reflection in the glass door at night and I am glad dogs don't laugh at us.

*I've been tagged by 2 people for 2 different memes....I will work on that tomorrow.

*Do you like the new look? Do you get annoying pop up ads here or is it slow to load at all?


joannmski said...

Oh, I am thrilled! Thrilled! So happy that you have a new blog! bye bye Angelfire!

blackpurl said...

whoop, whoop! You joined the blogger crew!! I am so happy that this blog loads so easy for me!!!

Now I don't have to whine to you anymore about not being able to read your blog!!

DebD said...

I love the new template and home. Yes, this is so much easier for me to load as well.

Woo hoo on the doggie training.

Krista said...

i love the new look - and nope, no annoying pop ups!

Michele said...

it works lovely.
nice move.

e-Mom said...

This is great Christie... one click and I'm here! Yippee! Hooray for the rain.
(I changed my template too... a long process.) {{{Hugs}}}

crickl said...

YAY! Thanks, you guys! (or ladies) I'm so glad it's so easy to load and comment on. *whew*

Why didn't I do it sooner!?

Tiffany said...

Congratulations on the new digs! No ads, quick loading... Terrific!! Glad you're enjoying it, too... :)

AussieMaz said...

Loads much easier than your old blog. Yay!!