July 18, 2007

Make my day mister, go ahead and walk down my street!

I'm such a weirdo.

I went out to get our mail today. The mailbox is right in front of our house on the sidewalk. And two men just appeared behind me, walking down the street. I did not see them when I approached the mailbox, which is double weird for me. I'm usually more aware of my surroundings and see people. It startled me. So I stared at them til they got to the corner and turned it. HA! Just STARED.... If I had had a baseball bat in my garage I would probably have been holding it and tapping it on my other hand while staring. They kept stopping and one of them kept looking back to see if I was still watching them. One was carrying a small carry on type bag (or maybe a bowling bag) and the other one was messing with what looked like a wireless microphone like Charles wears on Sundays. He kept fiddling with the wire that went into a box on his belt.

I'm a little paranoid. But I like feeling like I am the intimidating one way better than I like feeling anxiety because I feel intimidated. I did have a thought later that maybe they were prayer walking because they kept stopping and looking at houses. I can just SEE the headlines, "Pastor's wife beats prayer walkers with a bat."

Just now my doorbell rang and it was a guy in bermuda shorts, a Hawaiin shirt, straw hat, and full head of thick hair and full beard, holding a clipboard. I talked to him through the security door and he said he was out selling doors and window replacements. No arguement or further 'selling' points when I said we weren't interested. He just said thank you and left. Now what is a guy who is in the business of going door to door in the high afternoon Phoenix heat doing sporting a full beard and such casual clothing? Makes me suspicious and I hate that!

I should have gone out and stared him down the street!!! (I'm going to invest in a baseball bat)

I think I may need a sedative or something....


e-Mom said...

I'm laughing with you, but I know it's not really very funny. Invest in a baseball bat, and be done with it. I never answer the door if I'm home alone--and I keep the doors locked. If it's really important, they'll call first. Hugs!

joannmski said...

Crickl, you're not going to let people even wear facial hair around you?



ashforkpainter said...

Oh Christie!
My heart goes out to you! I just read your blog about the burglary all the suspicious characters...Please be careful & don't be afraid to call the police about some of those people. Let them know the police are watching! Maybe then they'll stay away from your neighborhood.
Sally D in AF