July 10, 2007


Just an update on us. I wrote this in an email so I just copied and pasted it since my brain needs a rest from thinking about it again.

I just had a little crying fit.....the first/only one since it happened. I think I'm fine, but just tearful today. I had to hold it all in this morning to get through Bible School, trying not to talk about it or think about it. VBS had me distracted all morning so that's good. I realized as I told Maggie she could go to a friend's house for the afternoon and Bethany that she could go to lunch with friends, that I might be going home by myself after VBS and it gave me a panicky feeling. But Emma didn't have plans and I let her bring 3 kids home, so it's all noisy and full in my house, which was a relief to me. I'm just hiding in my room though because my eyes swell huge when I've cried. And I don't need a bunch of teenagers feeling sorry for me. ;)

People from the church have been so good to us. The men have been calling and leaving messages for Charles about coming to help if anything needed fixing or doing. There was no damage though, not even a broken window. I don't think he was even in the house more than 3-5 minutes. 

We're talking about security measures now too....and we disagree, so that was making me cry more! Charles wants to get a motion sensor for inside the house that calls police, etc, but I want bars on the windows so no one can get in at all! With the motion sensor they are already IN the house. We'll talk more later about it, he wasn't set on that idea, but he thinks it is the best.

So that is how I'm doing....hiding and crying and busy.... Charles seems to be doing fine, just stressed out from trying to make our banking and credit stuff secure. The girls seem to be okay. One good thing was this: when I told Maggie what the policewoman asked about her room, she cleaned it all up and got it tidy!! The policewoman asked me, (when looking the house over for dna or fingerprints) "Is this room normally like this or was it ransacked?"

She was serious. Maggie was horrified. So was I.

Thank you for your kind comments and friendship. I looked at my mailbox today and several of you PW ladies had left messages on the blog. It just made me weep again! 

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