July 3, 2009

A week in the mountains

It's stinkin hot here. It's only 102 but the humidity is 27%. (we are used to the dry 8% humidity) ehn

The cabin trip was great! (Charles and Emma were at youth camp and Bethany stayed home) Maggie brought a friend, so they were totally occupied with each other. I did a lot of visiting with my sister and mom. We took the kids to Woods Canyon Lake one day. Larry and Becky took the 2 kids on a hike around the lake and I stayed with my mom and we sat in lawn chairs on the lake's edge. It was beautiful. I did a little hiking too, but mostly visited with my mom.....this was her and my dad's favorite spot and she wanted to tell me all about it, a nice nostalgic visit. A bald eagle who nests there kept soaring right over us and the pine trees we were sitting under. I was always too amazed to grab my camera (which was right on my lap)! I'm a little multi-task challeged.

Another day my sister Becky and I took the 2 girls to Tonto Creek. Very fun, they got to explore and splash and fall in. When we got back to the cabin, I sent them straight to the showers and told them to scrub just in case nasty micro bacterial weirdness were in the creek...you never know. ;) We found a privately owned 'fishing hole' (really fancy) and let them fish. Each of them caught 2 trout and we ate them the next day for lunch. It was hilarious to see 2 girls and 2 women try to get a hook out of a fish's mouth. The guy at the fishing shack had to come to the rescue several times and a woman there with her grandkids helped us another time.

It's monsoon storm season here, in the mountains it clouded up in the afternoons and rained two of the days. Just when it's getting hot, the clouds come and you need a lite sweater...perfection! And listening to the thunder off the mountains was beautiful.

Now I'm back and supervising laundry and cleaning and trying to trim the dog. So far I only have her BACK legs and bottom area done, so she's lookin funny. I'm trying to get her done so she can come with us to a Fourth of July parade that one neighborhood by our church does. We always go to it and advertise for our VBS. Everyone brings their dogs. I will try to remember my camera.


Animal lover said...

Hee hee! I remeber how that one lady had to help us take the fish off the hook... and break its neck in the process (oiy & ouch).
I gotta say, I think I look like a frog in that picture up there...

-K.P. (not kitchen patrol)

PS: as you see, I could not keep myself from commenting on this post ...as late as it may be!

crickl's nest said...

Oh good grief...you don't look like a frog in that picture! I love that pic, the angle, the smiles...nice.

That was a fun trip. =)