July 17, 2009

Ode to Advil

A long winded, run-on type of Haiku:

Wrapping up a full week of Vacation Bible School
and trying to pack and cook for a week's camping trip
What would I do without Advil?
I love it more than I can say.
Because I'm so pooped.

ps....did you notice, I made a new blog catagory called 'whining'?


e-Mom said...

Lol, better "whining" than "ranting!"

You deserve to whine once in awhile.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my bio. Revised it a bit while doing some blog housekeeping. You're such a great blog friend! (((Hugs)))

joannmski said...

Congratulations on being done with VBS!! You deserve a nice vacation. :-)

Sweet Mummy said...
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Sweet Mummy said...

Crickl - I thought I had your e-mail address but can't find it off-hand and I just can't take the time to look for it. Glad VBS is done!! YAY!

The code for the dropdown blogroll for LOPW is in a different place: Drop-Down Blogroll.

There are 2 steps involved with it. You do have to go into the "Edit HTML" tab on the Layout for your blog.

If the instructions there aren't clear enough, it will have to wait for a couple of weeks until I can take the time to sit and figure it out. With my concussion, I'm just checking e-mail once a day and not being on the computer more than about 10 minutes at a time...

Hope it works out OK.