July 8, 2009

Getting through

I did it.

I got through. There was a real person to talk to and everything!

I got up at 7am, when the phone lines open, hit redial for approximately 10 minutes before getting on the waiting-for-a-real-person hold line. I dug my heels in and waited an hour, drinking my coffee, playing solitaire and praying someone would answer, and then that someone would NOT answer while I was in the restroom, and then praying for someone to answer again so that I could get on with my life! And they did. And I'm in again.


Sorry, I'm just a little relieved though.

I will never be bad again! (at least not to the government)


joannmski said...

Yahoo!!! You're in!!!! :-) very happy about that. The bureaucracy can be CRAZY.

Alida said...

so glad that you got through!! woohoo!!