July 7, 2009

Unfabulous, unfun, unemloyment

It is indeed, a very frightening thing to fall out of grace with the US unemployment system. They send you into their phone system and torture you with weird music and intermittent messages of 'stay on the line, we'll be with you soon' only to be cast out with an abrupt, "We're sorry. You will have to try and call again later." (yes, you just try that little thing and call again....bwaaaaaahahahaha) All of this AFTER you've been on the phone waiting for a full half hour and gaining hope that an actual person will talk to you 'soon'. ehn

This is all because I went a week without filing my weekly claim. We were out of town Monday through Thursday and I thought I'd do it Friday....but it was a holiday!!! *throws my face into my elbow pit and cries bitterly* And that is why they are punishing me. I let my account lapse.

I am bad. I was wrong. Now I will pay (or not be paid).



KQ said...

been there, done that, and it sounds like AZ is run by the same folks who run CA (how could THAT possibly be??!) I decided that the EDD is the reason that people shoot their telephones. At least - that's what *I* wanted to do. Good thing I don't own a gun.

((((Crickl))))) you'll come through it!

Spiritual Journey said...

I feel your pain. 2 years ago, before they allowed me to receive unemployment, I was one of the unfortunate chosen few who needed to show proof to EDD that I have a legitimate SSN. It took forever to talk to a live person - and I remember calling them for more than 4 occasions so I really spent a considerable amount of wasted time calling them before I got my first check from them. Whew! I'm glad that period is sooo over.

crickl's nest said...

KQ and SJ (thank for writing! love new ppls) ....seriously, I was starting to think it was just a big conspiracy and that no one ever really gets 'through' on that phone system.

Finally this morning I got through. I got up at 7am (when their system begins) and got on the waiting line after 10 minutes of redialing, then waited an hour and finally talked to a very weary sounding person. I'm all set up again. And I will NEVER let that lapse again!!!!

mmichele said...

in canada you can sign in online. ever so much more civilized. but if you have to call, watch out!

crickl's nest said...

Michele, yes it's all online here too unless you don't have internet. I've been doing it swimmingly online til last week when I was out of town, thinking I could sign in on Friday....the govt offices were closed Fri. for the 4th. So I let my account lapse. It was because of the lapse that I had to be punished in their phone system.

oh my just thinking about it again is giving me hives. eek ;)