June 27, 2009

Shy cactus

Night before last I got up to let the dog out at 11:30pm and this is what I saw in our backyard:

Next morning:

I've never seen it so full of blooms. It stopped me in my slipper tracks! If you get up very early, you can still see most of the blooms open, but who wants to do that????


joannmski said...

Oh! It is beautiful. We had a cactus growing up that would get one bloom at night and I would always feel so privileged when I saw it.

Alida said...

yeah, it would be easier for me to stay up late and enjoy the beauty!! I love it!!

e-Mom said...

Awesome Christy. I see you have a pool too. WOW! (For some reason Bloglines produced a wider shot.)