February 2, 2009

Strange happenings last night

I actually watched a football game last night. Well, I only watched the second half to be honest, but it made history. I've never done that before. I probably won't ever again, but it was fun to see our state's team go to the big one. I also watched a baseball game once.....the big one when the Diamondbacks were in it. I can't remember what that 'big game' is called, but they won it. It is too bad the Cardinals didn't win, they played so well. Everyone in my living room was instantly on their feet while Fitzgerald was pumping it down the field to make a touchdown. Then all jaws dropped when the Steelers got another touchdown by a tippy toe. Very fun. But don't get used to it. Sports on television make my eyes go swirly usually.

Very strange Super bowl. I usually ask to be called when the commercials are on and do my own thing during the game. This time I actually watched the game and thought the commercials were all quite lame or skanky.

And there it is....I wrote a blog about a sport. I don't even have a category for it, so I will file this under people and family stories since I don't have a category for miraculous happenings. ;)

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KQ said...

I can't say that I have ever, ever watched a football game. I don't get it. But I *can* tell you that the "big game" you watched the Diamondbacks played was probably the World Series. (Baseball is my life.)