February 23, 2009

Feeling thankful

Charles is home studying for Sunday today. While he's studying, Jennifer Knapp is playing on his iTunes. I love it. Her lyrics bring around a feeling of great neediness and thankfulness in me for God's great grace and forgiveness. It is a humbling thing to realize things last Monday could have gone much worse for us. I could have woken up and stroked out or I could have not had this cough and had to the doctor.

I'm feeling some perspective, in other words. And I'm thankful I still have a brain. I think Charles is thankful too. He keeps hugging me.

For all the sin that lives in me
It took a nail to set me free still,
What I do I don't want to do and so goes the story
What You had in mind
What we seek we'll find
Shine, show me grace

With all this motivation I still find a hesitation
Deep in my soul
Despite all my demanding I still find You understanding
Show me grace
Show me grace I know is

A little more than I can give
A little more than I deserve
Unearth this holiness I can't earn
It's a little more than I can give
A little more than I deserve

Thank you

Listen to the song:


Cheryl said...

I'm glad God had (and has) His hand on you and that things didn't turn out differently (in a bad way). How are you feeling today? I hope you are regaining your strength and resting as well. Love you bunches and want you around for a LONG time!!!

Meggan said...

i'm so glad you are healing and home and all that good stuff!