February 12, 2009

Elementary my dear.....boys are yucky!

Elementary school is a cruel world for boys these days. I was talking to a second grader the other day who told me two boys have asked her so far to be their Valentine. I told her of another girl, L, who I knew was A's valentine.

"She said YES????" she exclaimed.

I said yes, they 'like' each other! She was shocked. SHOCKED! I asked her if she said yes to those boys who asked her. Her eyes flew open wide and she scrunched her nose and yelled, "NOOOOO!"

You have to give it to those boys for having that kind of oomph in the face of such blatant rejection.

My own sixth grade daughter said 2 boys have asked her to the spring dance that the sixth graders do every year. They study about the Renaissance period then put on a banquet and dance, complete with dressing up. I said, "Oh who asked you?" (I was trying to contain my shock that my 11 year old had been asked to a dance by a male species) She told me the names and I asked if she was wanting to go to the dance. She promptly, unhessitatingly was so appalled by the thought of it I assumed the answers to the invitations was NO.

Today we walked home together and she said another boy had acted on a dare and asked her to be 'his Valentine'. Apparently she shocked at that by her tone and facial expression, I looked at her and said,

"So what do you do when they ask? Do you just say, 'NO!'?" (I dramatically rolled my eyes and said NO in the most enthusiastic, appalled fashion)

"Mom, that is exactly what I did! How did you know that?"

I suddenly felt sorry for the wretched little boy. "Doesn't that hurt their feelings? Don't you at least try to be nice and say 'no thank you' or something??"

"Mom, they're BOYS. I don't really think they care. Besides, it was J!! And it was a DARE!"

So much for dignity in the sixth grade.

So I dedicate this demotivator to elementary school boys everywhere (except A, who has L wrapped around his grubby little finger).


Kati said...

Ooh yes...I saw this one on that website! Too funny! Did you hear about the 13yo boy who 'fathered' a baby in England? Seriously now...I wasn't even close to thinking about those kinds of things! Poor Mags! Hugs!

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