February 25, 2009

I got bombed today (with get well cards)

*singing* I got out of the house today.

It was good for my mental health I think. My sister took my mom and me to lunch and then we went to visit my other sister whose little smidge of a boy was sick. (he just turned 3!)

When I got home, Maggie was there and handed me a big envelope. She said her teacher gave it to her to give to me. I told her to put it on the table and she said, "No you're going to want to open this." So I did. Here is what was inside.

I think I've been love-bombed by second graders!!! I read each one, got all teary, and fought the urge to correct spelling or grammar or spray them with Lysol.


Taylor said...

LOL that is so sweet of them!!!! How cute :) Christie u are loved very much by many people. I miss u and can't wait to see u.

Alida said...

How sweeet!!!