May 24, 2008

Prince Caspian: movie review

It's just after midnight. We got home an hour ago from seeing the new Narnia move, Prince Caspian. And I am on Sudafed because of a cold making it's way from my sinuses into my chest. My mind is just buzzing away, so here I am typing away. I hope this makes sense in the morning. ;)

First of all, it is a wonderful movie. Charles and I both think we like it better than the first one. It had a lot of fighting scenes in it and a couple of very intense evil scenes. I kept seeing Maggie with her hand over her eyes, but it was not graphic in anything but fighting. The cinematography was SO beautiful....very rich and lush and pure landscapes. I would love to know where they filmed it. I'll have to look it up later.

The costumes were very cool too. Everything was well thought out and lovely. Even down to the fighting armor and mouse accessories. (The mouse being one of my favorite characters in the entire movie. I am a sucker for talking animals, especially if they have little whiskery noses and fuzzy cheeks.) The costumes the people wore were so beautiful, so simple and elegant, yet lots of detail. My favorite costume was the one Prince Caspian wore for almost the whole movie. It was a blousy white shirt with embroidery on it (I used to have one or two like it in the 70's/80's) and his pants! They looked like suede or really more like velour or soft corduroy...hard to describe apparently.....embroidered down the sides, with buttons going up the outer thigh and fitted down the calf. I wish I could wear it! I would feel very swishy in that blouse. Well, nevermind....

Then it had the greatest scenes with the themes of trusting, faith, loyalty, devotion and brotherly love. I was blown away several times by the parallels of the siblings relationship with Aslan and ours with Christ. As I was pondering who the siblings would symbolize, it hit me that they are US. They are simply the sons and daughters of Eve and when their eyes were opened to Narnia and a world unseen by most, their true character developed and the direction and calling on their lives was clear. When Peter in his boyish pride chooses to trust his own instinct instead of following Aslan's way, the consequences were always humbling and painful. So many times the way Christ is showing us to go does not make sense to us right off the bat, so we choose to go by our instinct. But as Aslan was in the movie, Christ is faithful to us (even when we are not to Him). He leads us, lets us make mistakes, humbles us and then we are useable for His purposes.

*spoiler warning!*
One of my favorite parts is near the end. The siblings and the prince are kneeling before Aslan. He has just saved their necks in an unexpected way. They have each tried to do things on their own, only to realize where true power and strength lie. They learned they cannot do things in a beneficial way in life without Aslan's help and guidance. Then Aslan tells them "rise before me Kings and Queens of Narnia". So the four siblings rise, leaving the prince there, his head bowed. Then Aslan said, "I said rise." and the prince honestly says, "I am not a king. I'm not ready." then he admits he does not know very much and feels so unworthy of the title. And Aslan says, "That is how I know you ARE ready."

Kings and Queens of Narnia.... or wherever.... we are not to rule the world, but to help it find it's way, be a rescuer of the used to influence your world, to fight for what is Truth, and follow the leading of Christ, whether it makes sense to you or not.

Go see the movie. See if your heart swells at those themes. Notice the little mouse whiskers. Take in the scenery. Imagine me in that blouse and how swishy it would be! And see if you can see yourself in any of those characters and what stage of trusting and following Christ you are in.


Heartsong said...

The movie was filmed in New Zealand (for the mountains, ocean, and water scenes) and in various Eastern European countries (for the forests). I know one of those countries was Slovenia. Gorgeous and unspoiled.

I loved the movie, too. Except for the added romance between Susan and Caspian. Not in the book.

Ash Fork Painter said...

Your description was so beautiful...thank you for sharing.
I will tell others to go see it soon!

KQ said...

I've always loved Reepicheep. I can't decide if I want to see the movie first, or re-read the books! (Which were first given to me by a friend in 1975...)