May 18, 2008

The blowout

We did it. Bethany's graduation party was a great success. We had at least a hundred people come through our home Saturday to give congratulations to her, to visit with us and eat a plate of pulled pork and potato salad. Most of the teenagers ended up in the pool or in our garage, playing ping pong. Our whole yard was wet, as well as the patio. I think they had a cannon ball jumping contest or something.

Some of our dear friends from our former town came by. Three different families who have moved to Phoenix and settled in locations all over the valley. It was so fun to see them. My family who live in town were all here. And the rest were church members. I even caught myself saying (out loud) that I should do this again at the holidays, so we could have the church members over. It was either sun exposure and dehydration or I really did enjoy all of this!

Thank you to all who dropped by. We were blessed that you came to visit us in our home and that you honored our daughter's accomplishment.

God bless you, Bethany. We are so proud of you and we know that God has wonderful plans for you. We can't wait to see them start to unfold!

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Alida said...

Congrats Bethany!!!