May 9, 2008


Click the picture to actually read the shirts.

I can't get enough of It is hilarious. They now have T-shirts, although I could never wear one....I'm way too happy. The only person who doesn't think I look happy is the woman who works the afternoon shift at my local Curves. Almost every time I walk in the door, she tells me to cheer up and smile. It makes me want to pinch her, but I just smile and think to myself, "Perhaps I look like this because I am about to pummel myself for the next 30 minutes to old 80's music with a disco beat running through it. Hmmm?"

Thinking of who I could buy a T-shirt for though.....that is pretty entertaining. (in a nice way....usually)


joannmski said...

Oh, I love those!!

Julo said...

I used to be one of those Curves girls, only I worked early, early mornings. I'm betting she says that to everyone :). Or maybe she's telling herself that! I've never even "met" you, but I can tell you're very happy! :)