May 6, 2008


I got an award! It's nothing astronomical, but to have a friend and fellow blogger award you because they enjoy what you have to say is a great honor. Thank you to Michele, of laundromat. I only wish I could give it back to. She has a truly excellent blog. She is a true and pure observer and conveyor of significance in every day life.

I would like to pass this award on to some excellent bloggers I read:

Hannah, my dear college aged daughter writes about books, politics and humanity at Who I am Becoming.

Charles, my dear husband and also my pastor, writes about the Bible, the church and spiritual things at Veritas.

Megan, a dear friend from our days in New Jersey, blogs about family life with 4 little kids and living in Alaska at Nutmeggmama.

And one of my dear friends from northern Arizona, Sally, at Ash Fork painter who writes about the simple life there in the country, about cows breaking in to their land, her dogs, her family and working on their home that she and her husband Allen built from the ground up.


Meggan said...

thank you. i've never gotten a bloggy award before. i hope your back starts feeling better soon. back pain is the worst and makes everything else in life harder to deal with.

Ash Fork Painter said...

I feel so honored! Thank you so much for that blog award!
It made my day....
We've been talking about how much we miss you...